Brand Connotation

Measuring emotional associations triggered by a brand.


  • Establishing the emotional aspects (tactile, olfactory perception, etc.) that play a major role in marketing in addition to objective product quality
  • Paying attention to subjective reality - The objective of brand management is to pay attention to the emotional aspects of a brand, in addition to rational perception
  • Understanding the symbolic language of brands to enable brand management

Issues (examples):

  • External and internal brand image among customers and non-customers
  • What a brand stands for
  • Relevance of the brand's history
  • Impact a brand has on the perception consumers have of themselves
  • Level of customer identification with brands
  • Vulnerability of competing brands


  • Face-to-face, psychologically founded explorations (conducted by trained psychologists)
  • Depiction of results showing image andproduct impact relationships (morphological analyses)
  • Depiction of consumer worlds











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