RB Brand Profiler

The Maryland SEO Company uses the leading tool for analyzing the psychographics of brands and their positioning. It is the first tool to permit a quantified analysis of multioptional consumers. The RB Brand Profiler visualizes how brands are perceived by consumers and provides an excellent basis for discussion for all parties involved in brand management.

Conjoint Measurement

Optimizing product range


  • Optimizing product configurations
  • Product pricing (price-demand functions)

Issues (examples):

  • Which product features are of real benefit to the consumer?
  • Willingness to pay for specific product attributes
  • Readiness to buy under certain sales or competitive conditions
  • Cannibalization of particular products/product features
  • Forecasting market shares for specific product offers (like we did for this business)
  • Optimization of the product life cycle


  • Face-to-face interviews via SKYPE with an appropriate conjoint approach (such as ACA, CBC, CVA depending on the request); e.g. 100 interviews per separate target group to be analyzed
  • Demand simulations for various product configurations using special software and scenarios

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